Unlocking the power of impact through effective measurement and management

For Profit


• Easy project setup and seamless collaboration
• Robust monitoring and project evaluation
• KPI monitoring and impact measurement


For Non profit


• Collect, review and analyze field data digitally
• Manage projects, report outcomes and impact to stakeholders
• Optimizing financial accountability

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End-To-End Impact management platform catering to
Non profits and for profits

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Project Management

Comprehensive project management and collaboration system with secure information handling

Secure Collaboration with Multiple Partners

Collaboration with multiple partners with controlled access for effective project management

Beneficiary Information and Project Management

Efficiently manage beneficiary information, project activities and inputs with our comprehensive system

Monitor Progress of Project deliverables

Enhancing performance through real-time monitoring of project deliverables


Data collection and Analysis

Efficient Data Collection and Management with PWA Application and Configurable Reporting Tools

Surveys, Beneficiary Forms and Workflows

Tailored Surveys and Beneficiary Forms with Configurable Workflows for Streamlined Collection and Processing

Data collection (Online & Offline)

Digitize and consolidate data collection in various locations, including remote areas with no connectivity using PWA application

Data Analysis

Effectively manage and analyze data from diverse sources, utilize configurable reports and map representation tools to oversee and visualize the collected information


Fund Management

Streamlining Project Execution with Real-time Input Monitoring and Fund Utilization Reports


Map Inputs for project execution

Optimizing Project Execution by Identifying and Mapping Inputs for Maximum Efficiency

Real-time Input Monitoring

An Integrated System for Real-time Activity and Input Management with Project Utilization Monitoring

Fund Utilization Reports

Efficiently manage your funds by defining inputs and monitoring fund utilization


Outcomes and Impact Management

Maximizing Project Impact through KPI Tracking and SDG Contribution Measurement


Manage impact of projects

Linking Project Indicators to SDG Goals for Efficient Management and Measurable Project Outcomes

Measure your contribution to SDGs

Measuring Your Contribution to SDG Goals for Result-Oriented Outcome and Impact Assessment

Track key performance indicators

Effective Impact Assessment through Comprehensive Key Performance Indicator Measurement


Data Security

Data integrity

Our systems use advanced validation techniques to prevent data corruption or loss, and we have implemented multiple levels of data backups to ensure your data is always safe and recoverable

Data privacy

Our privacy policies are transparent, and we comply with all applicable laws and regulations to ensure that your data is protected. We do not share your data with any third parties without your consent, and our systems are designed with privacy in mind

Data Encryption

All data transmitted between your computer and our servers are encrypted using SSL protocols, and we store your data in encrypted form on our servers. Our encryption technologies are regularly updated to ensure that your data is always protected

Corporate NGO

For Foundations and NGOs For Corporates & Research Organisations

Efficient Project Management for Sustainable Outcomes through Streamlined Setup, Robust Monitoring, and Impact Measurement

Effortless Data Management for Simplifying Data Collection with Configurable Forms and Workflows

Enhance Your Project Management by Managing Activities, Physical and Financial Progress Tracking

Optimize Your Project Performance by Tracking Key Performance Indicators and Measuring Impact

Achieving Financial Accountability and Effective Project Evaluation through Centralized Data Management and Comprehensive Expense Tracking

Streamlining Field Data Collection with an Advanced Offline/Online PWA Solution


Comprehensive Solution for Data Review, Cleaning, and Validation


Measuring Your Impact Towards Sustainable Development Goals

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